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The Devereaux Sisters

On Friday night, the place to be in Paris was Chez Maurice with the cool jazz offerings of the Sisters Devereaux to soothe your soul and jazz your feet...


What made Reneé and Louise Devereaux the toast of Paris was an innate charm mixed with blue blood connections; they could capture Chez Maurice’s audience not only with their crystalline voices, but also with their tantalizing wit and style. As an act, the Sisters Devereaux enthralled audiences with Reneé’s dusky voice and flirty, yet demure eye contact with every audience member; contrasted by Louise’s crystalline tones and flamboyant, yet charming dance steps.  The combined effect was simply compelling to behold. While abroad in America, the cool new jazz sounds mesmerized the sisters, and they soon paired their love of singing to this wild new rhythm.  Ushering them into a new world of music and mischief was Opaline, the dusky-voiced chanteuse and famed dancer; it became no surprise that Opaline would join them in Paris at Chez Maurice to pack houses every performance!  Of course, the sisters’ widowed mother, Madame Gabrielle Devereaux, did not approve of her daughters’ antics, which were constantly being brought to her attention under the scornful eye of Mme. Devereaux’s Aunt Maryvonne.  Little did they know a scandal was unraveling at the jealous hands of rival competitor, Le Scandale Rouge, and its owner, Bijou Petit, to fan the flames of discord amongst the Montmartre nightlife and its denizens.  Yet through the tirades of common born Bijou’s avarice and the staunch reproving love of their mother, Reneé and Louise would not let society define who they were; their escapades amongst the 1920s French artists’ community would be legend.  Moreover, one would be captured by the eye and heart of the young American expatriate, George Parker – a handsome dandy and journalist on the scene, who would find himself having a hard time choosing between the two sisters’ affections.

Robert Tonner is proud to present The Devereaux Sisters™ Collection of dolls, outfits, accessories...and cool cup of hot jazz...


2010 Collection


Backstage Invitation

16" Tyler BW Body w/ Geisha Bust and Green Eyes
Retreating to her dressing room after yet another standing ovation, Reneé Devereaux unwinds in a sleek lace foundation garment with sheer thigh-high stockings, under a soft chiffon slip.  Tired from signing autographs, she wraps up in a luxurious, velvety robe with a dramatic collar and cuffs with decadent feathered trim.  Stud earrings, beaded necklace, pantyhose, and faux leather high-heeled shoes also included.


2009 Fall/Holiday Collection


Au Printemps Ren - SOLD OUT





Reneé is perfectly styled and ready for a day of shopping at the Au Printemps! She arrives dressed in a soft blue dress trimmed in lace under a matching satin jacket with delicate lace trim and fabulous ruffled collar. Matching satin hat with silver trimmings, sparkling rhinestone earrings, pantyhose, and faux leather t-strap shoes also included; includes display stand.



L'Hiver Louise -





Louise is bundled up warm and fashionable for the coming L'Hiver. She stays cozy in classic black sheath dress under a swanky embroidered coat with luxurious faux fur collar and cuffs. Matching cloche with contrast piping, pantyhose, and faux leather high-heeled shoes also included; includes display stand.



2009 Collection


Deliciously Deco Louise -





Deliciously Deco Louise is absolutely the snake hips! Her glittering ensemble consists of micro-sequined asymmetrical mini-dress, edged in sparkling gold trim and swinging black fringe with a matching fringed armband. Matching cloche, choker, pantyhose, and t-strap faux leather high-heeled shoes also included. Includes display stand.


Deliciously Deco Reneé - SOLD OUT





Deliciously Deco Reneé is the toast of Paris in a sparkling micro-sequin mini-dress with rows of swinging black fringe. Matching cloche choker, tights, and t-strap high heels also included. Includes display stand.


Wrapped in Luxury - SOLD OUT





Strolling down the Champs Elysees, Reneé Devereaux™ is Wrapped in Luxury with a rich brocade jacket with luxurious faux fur collar & cuff. Cloche and gloves also included.


Tea with Coco - SOLD OUT





Both Devereaux Sisters™ know you have to look impeccable to have Tea with Coco! This swanky ensemble includes s soft knit pullover with bright zigzag motif and attached chiffon scarf, paired with a straight-cut iridescent skirt. Satin cloche, matching clutch, and faux leather lace-up pumps also included.



2008 Collection

The Devereaux Sisters™  - CLICK HERE to see the 2008 Collection.


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